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No worries as an Artist, Musician, Band or Record label Supporting this project we do have benefits for you too… After all, this project is FOR YOU and as a Business Owner, you too can benefit from these artist perks just let us know.

So, here’s the Breakdown:

NOTE: All Artists Benefits below include the same perks and benefits as Fans like a magazine subscription, stickers etc. PLUS, what’s listed below.

Subscribing and Contributing Artist Benefits

 $2.50/month or more will get you one Social Media share a month of any post of your choice off your artist page.

♦ $5/month or more (includes all above benefits) will give you access to our Special Artist only Merchandise Saving Plan (Find out More in the FAQ below)

♦ $10/month or more (includes all above benefits) will get you, Artist exclusive AD space on our Website (Your choice of Square 320×320 or leaderboard 728×90)

♦ $25/month or more (includes all above benefits, excluding Downgraded Ads) will get you a Quarter Page Ad in every issue of Underground Nation Magazine and we will give you an ONLINE Interview every year to help promote you or your Projects.

♦ $50/month or more (includes all above benefits, excluding Downgraded Ads) will get you a Half-Page Ad (Excluding Downgraded Ads) in every issue of Underground Nation Magazine, One interview in the Physical Magazine every year, One Album/Mixtape Review a year. Two Single(s) Reviews a year. Two Music Video(s) Reviews a Year.

♦ $100/month or more (includes all above benefits, excluding Downgraded Ads) will get you A Full Page Ad in every issue of Underground Nation Magazine and One Full Spread in the Halloween issue. Any Music Video released on our Front Page when they drop. Two FULL WEBSITE TAKEOVERS for one week every year for Promotion of your New Album, Music Video or Single!
NOTE: With This plan you are the Boss, Ask and you shall receive (within reason).[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”OK, so what about the other Paid Promo that I’ve seen advertised?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Yes, our advertisements and Posts do Promise things like ALL EXPENSE PAID PR News Blasts, Billboard Advertising, Funded Music Videos, Online Advertising, Artist Features, YouTube Advertising and much more.

And ALL THESE things WILL BE true. Now unless this project starts generating over 1 Million or more a year. We obviously will NOT be able to assist every artist looking for a Massive Promotional campaign at once BUT when we officially reach our financial goal of at least 500 ($2.50/month) or as little as 50 ($25/month) backers or $1,250 month (whichever comes first ), we will start posting what available ALL EXPENSE PAID promotions we are offering for our budget every month and then allow Artist’s to submit Applications for the promo they’re interested in getting. Some of these benefits will be FREE Recording and Studio equipment, ALL EXPENSE PAID music video shoots, PR Blasts, Billboards in their hometown and Much More!

So, as we grow the benefits will too and our main goal is to be a Beneficial Support to help the starving artist get the Spotlight they deserve![/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”So, what is the Backer Only Merchandise Saving Plan?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Simple, if you’re a backer of our Project and are an Artist. We have Special Package plans that we can offer you Dirt cheap AT COST Merchandise and CD DUPLICATION services.
So, that means we add NO MARK-UP and then pass that saving onto you as a thank you for your support![/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]



So what are you waiting for click here > BECOME A MEMBER” and lets get started!