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Today we find ourselves in a strange era of music and entertainment; it seems as if all the traditional guidelines and boundaries of artistic expression have been almost completely thrown away. With these recent changes musicians have been able to break free of the industry’s pressure and monopoly-like reign and create a more distinctive sound for themselves.

Wisconsin based artist, Undead Papi, is a prime example of this newfound freedom of expression in music; giving an entirely whole new meaning to the word ‘creativity’. Upon hearing about Undead Papi’s music from a dear friend, I decided to head over to Spotify to see for myself, clicking the green ‘shuffle’ button as I’d lay back in my recliner, ready to dive into the music. As tracks started to play back to back I found myself more and more intrigued, I had never heard a musicians discography take such drastic twists in turns. Each track had very distinctive vibes, the emotions being expressed were as clear as day, the delivery was always extremely different from the last, leaving huge contrast between each track as they played. It felt as if the concept of genres as I knew it had been ripped to pieces right in front of my face. If I had to describe Undead Papi’s music, I couldn’t call it rap, I couldn’t call it rock, I don’t even know what I would call it; there is so many different styles being used by one artist, and it amazed the heck out of me! Listening to something so eccentric and original brought me instant enthusiasm. With all the boring and repetitive music that has been coming from all directions in recent years, I felt huge relief experiencing an up and coming musician make something that felt brand new.

With a wide range of emotions and various different styles to accompany them, there is a lot to love about the contrast in Undead Papi’s work. With the sentimental lyrics and catchy hook from tracks like ‘Death is Near’ and ‘Hold on by a Thread’, all the way to the harsh and ruthless elements of ‘BITCHLETSFUCK!!’ and ‘R6b Z6mbie’ : It seems as if almost everybody could find something to love about Undead Papi’s wide range of songs!

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