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The Long-Awaited New Studio Album fromThe Brimstone Lab’s own Evil Genius Swing Dee Diablo!Over a Year in the making and features Guest Appearances from Black Magik The Infidel, The Archetype, Hellusin8, N3kr0t!k, and Heavy P!

1.The Pathway 03:50 (Produced By xShy361x)
2. Venom Spit feat. N3kr0t!k 03:07 (Produced By Vin Lugosi)
3. I Walk The Night 04:13 (Produced By Genius Boy)
4. Playing With Ants 02:24 (Produced By CZA)
5. Kill Everybody (Interlude) 01:22
6. D.N.D. feat. Black Magik The Infidel 04:16 (Produced By xShy361x)
7. The Sound Of My Dagger feat. Hellusin 03:24 (Produced By Killa On The Beat)
8. I Am God feat. The Archetype 02:33 (Produced By Genius Boy)
9.The Warlock of Flows 02:22 (Produced By Zombie Aristocrats)
10. Passionate Murder (The Sermon) 01:10
11. Malachi York 03:11 (Produced by Moon † Hell)
12. Black Light 03:47 (Produced By Bad Mind)
13. A Word From Heavy P (Interlude) 00:46
14. Amplify When I Speak 04:01 (Produced By Genius Boy)
15. She Loves The Way I Smoke 04:11 (Produced By Genius Boy

)Executive Producers:Swing Dee Diablo and Snake Eyes Da Greatfor The Brimstone Lab / thebrimstonelab.comRecorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Michael Tre LB Locksat Rock Hill Studios/Metro 37 in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Production from Zombie Aristocrats, Vin Lugosi, Killa On The Beat, BAD MiND, Genius Boy, xShy361x, CZA, and Moon † Hell.*Additional Production from Michael Tre LB Locks

Catalog Number: TBLSkullator1

*Digital Album releases August 7, 2020Hard Copy versions of the Album begin shippingJuly 24th, 2020@SwingDeeDiablo Confirmed Tour Dates for 2020THE DRUGS, SEX, AND THE OCCULT SHOWFRIDAY, July 24th @The Speakerin DETROIT, MICHIGAN!NIGHT OF THE BRIMSTONE (Toledo)SATURDAY, August 8th @The Polish Ostrichin TOLEDO, OHIO!

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